The Shape dashboard provides several powerful views of your data that can be customized, searched, and filtered to display what is most valuable to you.

The dashboard is made up of two views: Client Cards and Decision Grids. Both views are interactive. You can edit settings directly from the Client Cards or Decision Grid Views, or click on each Client/Budget to see more granular performance data and to make changes.


Client Card View

Client Cards provide an easily scannable and searchable view of how your advertising campaigns are spending against their target Budgets. 

The dashboard displays a list of Clients and the Budgets underneath each client. The progress bars provide a visual representation of where a Budget’s spend is in relation to its spend cap. If your campaigns are spending too slowly or quickly, you can update keyword bids and campaign daily budgets by clicking into each individual Budget to make changes.

The dashboard also provides a quick view into which features (such as AutoPilot or RollOver) are enabled per Budget from the Client Card view. 


Decision Grid View

Shape’s Decision Grid provides a table view of an account’s spend-to-date, Budget cap, and performance metrics. Toggling between the "Clients" and "Budgets" tabs will display 20+ metrics including clicks, conversions, and cost-per-acquisition.

Selecting an individual Client or Budget will lead you to additional reports where you can monitor how specific campaigns, keywords, ad groups, ads, and keywords are performing. 

The gear icon will allow you to customize which columns you want to be displayed and enable/disable filters and column totals.

Custom Values 

If you've enabled custom values at the Client or Budget level, these values can be displayed in the Decision Grid by clicking the eye icon and selecting the custom value columns you have created. You can quickly edit custom values in the decision grid as well. 

Custom columns can be static inputs or dynamic (using formulas and case statements) based on other metrics/custom values in Shape.


Client Tags

Tags allow you to add layers of custom information about your clients to Shape. You can generate and apply any tags you can think of. If you're having trouble on where to start, here are a few tags we recommend implementing: Team Member Tags, vertical tags, industry tags.

Tags are set at the Client level. Once you’ve created a few tags and chosen which clients they apply to, the Tag screen will let you filter the Shape dashboard to display only your preferred Clients.


Budget Alerts

Shape can automatically alert you when spend nears specific percentages of your Budget cap (for example, when your Budget is almost exhausted). 

If enabled, alerts appear in your Shape dashboard and a reminder is sent by email. 

Email notifications can also be sent to people who don't use Shape. Email alerts can be helpful to send to a client or boss that frequently requests to know if campaigns are running low on the remaining budget. 


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