The Shape Advertising Data Infrastructure (ADI) was built to help digital advertisers uncover profit-driving insights and build advanced tools to help scale their PPC business. 

Shape's ADI combines data from our robust, cross-channel PPC API with a powerful, fully-managed data warehouse. Companies using the Shape ADI can power advanced digital analytics, build reporting systems, or create their own optimization tools. 

The Shape Ecosystem 

Shape API

The Shape API provides cross-channel PPC data for seven advertising networks. Advertisers using the Shape API can make calls to one API and receive normalized PPC data back for all advertising networks.

The Shape API is fully maintained by the Shape engineering team. Our team completes all API call upgrades and maintenance of the ad platform APIs. The Shape API also allows advertisers to pull data and generate reports based on the client/budget structure implemented in Shape. 

For more information on the Shape API, please visit our Shape API documentation

Shape Data Warehouse

The Shape Data Warehouse provides a repository for all of your current and historical PPC data. Data from all major ad networks are refreshed and stored in Shape's fully-managed Data Warehouse daily (or more frequently as needed). 

Data from the Shape API is piped into the data warehouse and stored. You can set the frequency at which you'd like the data refreshed along with the number of days data is backfilled right from the Shape ADI page

The Data Warehouse is built on Google BigQuery which gives your team access to massive processing power and speed. Advertisers can write data queries directly in BigQuery, or visualize data in Google Data Studio (or many Business Intelligence tools) with a few clicks. 

Shape's Data Warehouse is fully maintained by the Shape engineering team (along with the Shape API). This means that all API upgrades, data pipeline changes, and infrastructure scaling requirements/costs are handled by Shape. 

Data Studio Reporting

As part of our Data Warehouse solution, Shape offers a direct connection to Google Data Studio. Digital advertisers can generate reports using data from Google BigQuery in Google Data Studio with a single click. 

Shape offers several campaign-level reporting templates and access to campaign-level data tables for free in Shape. To explore available report templates or directions on how to create your own, please check out our Data Studio Templates.


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