For a digital advertising agency, a data warehouse is the first step forward toward democratizing data across their organization.

Businesses utilize data warehouses to aggregate and store multiple disparate sources of data together. Using a data warehouse, huge quantities of data can be stored and analyzed together to uncover valuable business insights.

Shape's Data Warehouse is a data repository that houses your organization's PPC data. Data from eight advertising networks is stored together which allows you to analyze current and historical digital advertising data for your organization or clients simultaneously. 

Shape Data Warehouse Infrastructure 

Shape’s Data Warehouse is built on top of Google BigQuery: Google’s fully-managed data warehouse product running on the Google Cloud Platform.

BigQuery allows users to scan and analyze massive amounts of stored data in seconds. Digital advertising agencies benefit from the same massive processing power and infrastructure Google uses to analyze their own data across services such as Google Search, Gmail, and more.

Data from seven ad networks is downloaded and populated in the Shape Data Warehouse via Shape’s universal API. The API enables Shape to analyze billions of impressions across millions of ads each day.

Each day, the Shape Data Warehouse aggregates data from: 

  • Google Ads
  • Youtube Ads
  • Microsoft Advertising
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Twitter Ads

Use Cases

The Shape Data Warehouse empowers businesses to build tools and reporting to best suit their individual organizations' needs without having to deal with costly and time-consuming maintenance. Some ways in which the Data Warehouse is already being used include:

  • Cross-Platform Analysis
  • Cross-Platform Reporting
  • Advanced Data Segmentation
  • Agency-Level Business Insights
  • Business Intelligence Tool Integration


Shape Data Warehouse customers receive full access to their BigQuery instance with all management handled behind the scenes. Shape’s Warehouse engineers upgrade API connections, manage data pipelines, and provide the infrastructure needed for warehousing. Shape covers the cost of the data warehouse infrastructure as well which means that fees are not passed on to customers when data storage needs increase.


Shape Data Warehouse customer data is secure and accessible with little to no downtime. BigQuery provides automatic data replication for disaster recovery and high availability of processing. BigQuery offers a 99.9% SLA and adheres to the Privacy Shield Principles. 

Getting Started

To activate your Shape Data Warehouse, please navigate to the Shape Advertising Data Infrastructure (ADI) page in the platform and follow the instructions here

IMPORTANT: You'll need to have at least one data source linked to Shape to utilize the Shape Data Warehouse.