Custom Values

Custom Values allow you to apply data values to your Clients and Budgets. Custom Values can be utilized to apply/display a wide variety of information which can then be used to segment, track, group, report, and integrate your data. 

Custom values are especially helpful if you need to add information or metrics in Shape that aren't included by default. Custom Values can currently be applied to Clients and/or Budgets in Shape.

Custom Values are displayed in the Shape Decision Grid and are available in .xlsx and .csv report exports.

Types of Custom Values

There are two types of Custom Values: Static and Dynamic.

Static Custom Values are data points that are applied manually to a Client or Budget. They will not change unless a Shape user purposely alters the Custom Value via a Decision Grid or Settings form.

Dynamic Custom Values are calculated data points. Shape users create dynamic Custom Values using formulas. These formulas can utilize standard Shape metrics and/or other static/dynamic Custom Values that have been created. These numbers will adjust automatically as metrics/values change. 

Learn more about utilizing Static and Dynamic Custom Values here.

Custom Value Data Formats

There are four Custom Value data formats. All data is expanded/rounded to two decimal points (with the exception of text).

  • Number (123): Displays numeric data
  • Text: Displays alphanumeric data including symbols
  • Percent (%): Displays numeric data in percent format
  • Money ($, £, ¥): Displays numeric data in a monetary format