When you first sign up for Shape, you walk through a set of steps to onboard your new Shape account. 

The account that you create is called a "Company" account or a company-level account. Typically, this company-level account would reflect your business' name and be utilized to manage advertising spend on behalf of your company or your clients (if you're an agency). 

Multiple Clients can be created under an account. Budgets are created under Clients and are utilized as a way for PPC professionals to track their campaign spend and performance against their Budget caps. 

If you are a premium customer, you can also create and link multiple company-level accounts together. Below we've outlined some different styles of setups you may consider implementing for your business. 


For Shape customers, a "Company" is usually generated by a business to track and manage advertising campaigns on behalf of their company or their clients. 

Shape allows you the ultimate flexibility to decide how granular you want each "Company" and its' "Client" structures to be. If you're struggling to decide how you should structure your Company-level account(s), Clients and Budgets, here are a few recommendations to get you started: 

  • Agency (Single Account):  Your agency creates one Shape company-level account. You create a Client in Shape for each of the clients you manage ad spend for. Your account allows you to track and manage PPC performance for all of your clients in one easy-to-use dashboard. 
  • Agency (Main Account + Client-Specific Accounts):  Your agency has a main Shape company-level account to manage the majority of spend and performance for your clients. However, you also have a few very important clients that want their own Shape account. You create unique Company-Level accounts for each and grant your team members access to use both. 
  • In-House Business - You manage campaigns on behalf of a business in-house. Your business has one Shape company-level account to track and manage your PPC ad spend and performance.