There are multiple levels of hierarchy that a corporation or person can utilize to structure their Shape account.

Each corporation will have a top-level company account. Multiple Clients can be created under an account. Budgets are created under Clients and are utilized as a way for PPC professionals to track their campaign spend and performance against their Budget caps. 


For our Shape customers, "Clients" are typically the entities that your business is running one or more advertising campaigns for. A "Client" may be a single location business, a multi-location franchise-style corporation, or a company with multiple products or services.

Shape allows you the ultimate flexibility to decide how granular you want each "Client" structure to be. If you're struggling to decide how you should structure your Clients and Budgets, here are a few recommendations to get you started: 

  • Single-Location Business - The business is the Client. Budgets are created for advertising campaigns with different budget caps.
  • Multi-Location Franchise Business - The ownership/management group is the Client. A Budget is created for each franchise location.
  • Multi-Product/Service Business - The corporation is the Client. Budgets are set up for each product/service with a different Budget cap.