There are multiple levels of hierarchy that a corporation or person can utilize to structure their Shape account.

Each corporation will have a top-level company account. Multiple Clients can be created under an account. Budgets are created under Clients and are utilized as a way for PPC professionals to track their campaign spend and performance against their Budget caps. 


A Budget in Shape is a grouping of campaigns that share a single Budget cap or target spend.

Shape enables our customers to group PPC campaigns together in infinite combinations across Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads. Multiple Budgets can be created under a Client to track different groups of campaigns that each have unique spend and performance goals. 

There is no recommended way to group PPC campaigns into Budgets. Shape adapts to the way you structure your advertising campaigns, not the other way around. But, if you'd like a few ideas of how Budgets/campaigns can be grouped, here are a few examples: 

  • Single Client, Single Budget - The client wishes to spend $X in total for all Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn Ads campaigns.  One Budget is created for the client with all campaigns assigned to that Budget and a Budget cap of $X. 
  • Single Client, Multiple Budgets - The client wishes to spend $A for all Google Ads campaigns, $B for all LinkedIn Ads campaigns, $C for all Microsoft Advertising campaigns, $D for all Facebook Ads campaigns, and $E for all Twitter Ads campaigns. Multiple Budgets are created under the client with one Budget per initiative (Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads each as their own Budget).
  • Single Corporation, Multiple Budgets - The client is a multi-location franchise-style business. Each location has a specific PPC advertising Budget they can spend in total. Multiple Budgets are created under the Client, with one Budget per location. All of a location's campaigns are tracked under that Budget.
  • Multiple Clients, Multiple Budgets - As a PPC Team or Agency, you manage multiple clients with multiple different spend targets/strategies. Multiple Budgets are created for Multiple clients. Some Clients have just one Budget, while other clients have tens or hundreds of Budgets.