In-Platform reports are available via your dashboard to make sharing PPC insights and metrics with your team members, stakeholders, and/or clients easier. 

There are seven In-Platform Reports. The reports are currently segmented into three levels: company, client, and budget.

Some reports (ex: company-level reports) are intended to provide your company with insight into your agency's top-level, cross-client performance and are meant to be shared internally. Others, including the Client-Level and Budget-Level reports are designed to be shared with your clients to give them more real-time insight into their budget and campaign performance. 

The reports include: 

Company-Level Reports

  • Live Company Dashboard
  • Company Performance Report
  • Company Historical RollOver Report

Client-Level Reports

  • Live Client Dashboard
  • Client Performance Report

Budget-Level Reports

  • Live Budget Dashboard
  • Budget Performance Report


How are In-Platform Reports different than ADI Reports? 

In-platform reports are built in Data Studio and provide easy access to live cross-channel PPC performance data to anyone who needs it. Data in the in-platform reports automatically updates daily so report viewers will always have an up-to-date picture of PPC performance. 

In-Platform reports are free pre-built reports accessible via the Shape dashboard and at You also do not need to launch an ADI to generate in-platform reports. 

The in-platform reports are not editable. They are designed to convey certain metrics and insights at each level (company, client, budget), and cannot be updated to provide different information than what is currently available. Note: Any requests for certain report data can be submitted to and may be considered for future reports. 

In-platform reports can easily be shared with clients simply by navigating to a Client View or Budget View, clicking the Report tool, and adding your intended client's email in the Share field. There is no need to edit the report fields to show only your select client or budget since Shape will automatically filter these for you (unlike the ADI templates). 

Finally, when you share reports with someone, they'll be automatically provided a link to There, they can access the reports you generated for them at any time with the freshest data available.