Along with providing intuitive and flexible PPC performance dashboards, Shape also provides alerts to help notify analysts when actions have been or need to be taken. 

Shape provides both in-platform alerts and email alerts dependent on your custom needs.

In-platform alerts appear in the right-hand navigation menu and will appear with an orange text bubble if there are new alerts.

There are multiple types of alerts. 

New Campaign Alerts (In-Platform)

New Campaign alerts are generated each time Shape recognizes that a new campaign has been created in Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn ads platforms.

The alert tells you which Client the campaign belongs to and then allows you to select which Budget you would like to add the campaign to right from the alert. This helps prevent you from forgetting to map the campaign to a Budget (possibly leading to an overspend). 

SmartSync Alert (In-Platform)

If you've enabled SmartSync, the SmartSync Alert will automatically notify you when the platform has detected a new campaign in one of your SmartSync-enabled clients and added it to a Budget (or Budgets). The alert will tell you both the Client name and the Budgets the specific campaign was added to.

This alert is designed to provide you with peace of mind that your new campaign has been successfully added to your desired Budgets in Shape and is being tracked against the correct Budget targets.

Budget Alerts (In-Platform and Email)

When you set up or edit a Budget, you have the opportunity to choose if you'd like to be alerted and emailed when the remaining Budget reaches 90%, 75%, 50%, 20%, 10%, 5%, or 1%. 

When your spend nears your Budget threshold, an in-platform notification will appear with the name of the Budget, the amount of available Budget remaining, and how recently the alert was generated. The alert gives you the option to clear the alert or click the Budget name to take action.

If you've enabled email alerts, you'll also receive an email alert that outlines the same information and provides you with a link to navigate quickly to the dashboard to take action. 

Auto-Pilot (Email)

If you have enabled AutoPilot for a Budget and have email alerts enabled for your Team Member Tag, you will be alerted via email when your campaigns statuses have changed. 

If your Budget hits its target spend cap, AutoPilot will pause your campaigns with AutoPilot enabled and alert you via an email. Your campaigns will automatically be turned back on at the start of the new Budget cycle.

What's New (In-Platform)

When Shape releases an important new feature, we'll notify you in the "What's New" alert section. In this section, we'll provide a quick overview of the change being made, the release date, and helpful links (if necessary).

Helpful Links