The Member Settings menu enables you to customize the Shape dashboard and update certain member level settings such as your password and display name.

Editing Settings

To edit your user settings, click the "Settings" link at the top of the left-hand navigation.


Selecting "Appearance" allows you to customize your display name and select an avatar. The display name you select will appear in the top left navigation and on your Team Member Tag.

Trend Tolerance

Selecting "Trend Tolerance" allows you to customize how your Budget progress color bars display in the Client Cards view. The lower your trend tolerance, the lower your tolerance is for over- and under-spend.

For example, if you want the progress bar to display red if you're 5% under or over your target Budget (based on where you are in your Budget cycle), set a low trend tolerance. If your Budget is "on track" even if it's running 50% faster than your target Budget (based on where you are in your billing cycle), set a high trend tolerance. 

Move the slider to adjust your trend tolerance.

Change Password

Selecting "Change Password" allows you to update your password. You'll be required to enter your existing password and a new password, then reconfirm your new password.


The Theme section will allow you to customize your Shape view. 

"Navigation Themes" will change the color of elements such as the left-side navigation menu. Selecting from one of the five colors will update your navigation sidebar immediately

"Action Themes" will change the color of elements such as call-to-action buttons and links. Anywhere you can take an action or click a link (such as the "Create Client," "Grid Settings," and "Budget Pacer" buttons) will update to your preferred color scheme. 

Restore - Restore Default Settings 

Restoring default settings will return all optional settings to their default state. All saved grid settings will also be reset.

This means that optional settings such as applied tags and columns enabled on/placed in the decision grid will be restored to the original settings. 

Use "Restore Default Settings" if you wish budget and client views to default to the same data and presentation for all of your clients.

Restore - Reset Application

Resetting the application will remove all temporarily stored information. Shape temporarily stores some information to help speed up our platform but may need to be reset to clear away "old" data or elements. 
A common use case is if you request to have a data source deleted. The data source information (such as name) is stored temporarily on your computer. If you delete the data source, it will remain visible as an option to select a campaign from on the Budget Designer form. However, when you try to add any campaigns from that data source, you will receive an error because it is no longer attached to Shape.
Clicking "Reset Application" will remove any temporarily stored data that is no longer relevant. 
NOTE: For instances when the Shape support team notifies you to "reset your application," every member of your team must do so. This cannot be done in bulk or automatically at current. 


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