The Budget Scheduler allows a Shape user to schedule future budget targets for recurring Budgets.

For example, let's say you manage a client that has monthly PPC budgets. Each quarter they raise or lower the budget cap they spend based on seasonal trending. 

Previously, you had to remember to adjust the budget cap up or down at the start of each month. Now, Budget Scheduler allows you to set multiple budget caps all at once.


Where do I find the Budget Scheduler?

From the budget view, navigate to the budget settings form by clicking on the pencil icon:

In Budget settings, you'll find a tab called "Schedule" in the left-hand navigation. Navigate to this form to Schedule Future Budget Amounts

This form will appear on the SCHEDULE tab. 


How to use Budget Scheduler

1. After opening the SCHEDULE tab on a Budget View, the Schedule Future Budget Amounts form will open. You'll see a form that allows you to schedule budget targets for future dates. If you have no future budgets scheduled, it will also show you a timeline indicating such. 

2. Enter a future start date. Then select your scheduled amount. Click schedule. 

3. The form will show any changes that you have scheduled for the future with a "Scheduled" tag next to the start date. Please note, on that date the budget amount will change to that amount regardless of any changes to the current budget amount you made prior. 

4. Click Save Settings in the left-hand navigation to finish. 

If a budget cycle is grey, the budget amount will remain the same as the last budget amount set. 


If you schedule a future budget amount for a recurring budget, you will only be given the option to schedule a change to occur at the start of a new cycle. For example, if you have a monthly budget that starts on the 1st, you will only be able to schedule a future budget to start on the 1st in future months.

Editing or Deleting a Scheduled Budget

At any time, you can edit or delete a future budget. To do so, follow the directions below: 

1. Hover over the future budget you want to change. Options to edit (pencil icon) or delete (trash icon) will appear.

2. Clicking the pencil icon will give you the option to edit the budget in the form directly above. Enter a new budget amount and click UPDATE. 

3. Click SAVE SETTINGS to save your updates. 

4. To delete a scheduled budget, simply click the trash icon and the scheduled budget will disappear. Click SAVE SETTINGS. 

Viewing Past Scheduled Budgets

If you've set several scheduled budgets, you will also be able to see previous or past scheduled budgets on the "Schedule" tab. It can be helpful to use this tab to determine what your budget's target budget amount was previously.  

Viewing the Next Budget Cycle's Amount

In addition to checking what the next scheduled target budget amount is on the "Schedule" tab, you'll also find "next cycle's budget" on the Budget View. If you have a new budget scheduled for the following budget cycle, you'll see that information on the "Budget" card on the Budget View.