The Budget Scheduler allows a Shape user to set future budgets for up to 12 budget cycles for monthly budgets. 

For example, let's say you manage a client that has monthly PPC Budgets. Each quarter they raise or lower the Budget cap they spend based on seasonal trending. 

Previously, you had to remember to adjust the Budget Cap up or down at the start of each month. Now, Budget Scheduler allows you to set multiple Budget caps all at once.


Where do I find the Budget Scheduler?

From any budget page, navigate to the budget settings form by clicking on the pencil icon:


In Budget settings, you'll find a new option underneath the Budget amount field, Schedule a Future Amount. (Note: one time budgets will not have this option available.)


Find the new scheduler option underneath the Budget Amount field in Budget settings.


How to use Budget Scheduler

1. Selecting Schedule a Future Amount will open up a form detailing the scheduled Budget amounts for the next 12 cycles. 


2. Click and quickly edit to set future Budget amounts.

3. The form will show the next 12 cycle start dates and the set Budget amount going into that cycle. If you need to make a scheduled budget change, simply find the date and adjust the value in the text field to the right of it. 

  • As you adjust an amount, please note that the dates that follow the adjustment will show an updated forecast amount.
  • Any changes will automatically adjust the following cycles to reflect the new Budget amount. 


4. Once the next 12 cycles are set, simply click the submit button.