The Team Settings menu enables you to update certain team settings such as your team name and timezone. Please note that these changes affect all team members associated with your Shape account. 

Editing Settings

To navigate to Team Settings, navigate to the Admin menu on the left-hand navigation bar (if you are an Admin or Manager of your Shape account). Select Team Settings from the drop-down menu.

Team Name

To update your team name, simply enter your preferred team display name in the "Team Name" section and click "Change Name." Your new team name will appear throughout the App including on the Shape dashboard and in alert emails. 


To ensure your PPC data is in sync, select the time zone that matches the time zone you've selected in the advertising platforms for your advertising Clients. The timezone will apply to ALL Budgets in your Shape account. 

Setting the correct timezone is essential to ensure that AutoPilot and RollOver function correctly and that your data is refreshed in a timely manner in relation to your business's location.  


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