On top of an individual login and a user role, Shape will automatically create a Team Member Tag for each team member in a corporate account. 

For a full definition of tags, please see What are Tags?

Team Member Tags

Each team member will be assigned a single tag. This tag has unique functionality that separates it from generic tags. Team Member Tags are:

  • Used to signal ownership of a Shape Client
  • Applied by default to Clients you create
To view which Clients your Team Member Tag is currently applied to, visit the Tags view. 


Filtering by Team Member Tags

Filtering by a specific Team Member Tag can be especially helpful for a team member or their manager. A team member can filter their dashboard views to only display those Clients they are responsible for managing. 

Similarly, the team member's manager might use their employee's Team Member Tag to quickly sort by and review their Client and Budget performance. 

For full directions on how to filter your dashboard views by tags, please see Filtering Views with Tags.


Team Member Email Alerts 

Team Member Tags also allow you to enable or disable email alerts based on your Team Member Tag. If your Team Member Tag has email alerts enabled, you'll see an envelope icon next to your icon and display name.

Email alerts (Remaining Budget and AutoPilot alerts) will be sent to you based on your Team Member Tag. You will receive email alerts for all clients your Team Member Tag is applied to. 

You can also receive email alerts for other team members (or generic tags) by enabling alerts. Please note, this setting is unique to you. Enabling email alerts for tags will not affect other team members' email alert settings in any way. 


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