Shape enables PPC teams with multiple members to easily manage or view their Clients, Budgets, and PPC data under one corporate account. 

Each team member is assigned their own login and a specific role. Each role has separate permissions for both the Budgeting Platform and Advertising Data Infrastructure (ADI).

Member Roles (Platform  & ADI)


Each Shape corporate account will have one Admin. The Admin will have full control over billing and team management. The Admin will also have the power to edit anything within the app.


A Shape account can have multiple Managers. Managers cannot change billing settings but can add or change the role of a team member. Managers cannot deactivate team members, however. Only admins have the power to do so. Managers can change any and all Client or Budget names, fields, or settings as well.


Members do not have the ability to edit billing, nor can they invite or update the role of a fellow team member. However, just like Admins and Managers, Members can make unlimited edits to most features in the Shape budgeting platform and ADI

Read Only (Internal)

Read-Only users have permission to make a very small number of changes to Shape (mostly impacting their personal view/filtering of Shape). Read-Only users cannot change budget or automation settings.

Read Only users can:

  • Add/remove a tag from any client
  • Add/remove email setting from any tag
  • Add/edit/delete a note on a budget
  • Update their avatar and name
  • Change their password
  • Update any tag
  • Download a CSV or Excel report

IMPORTANT: Do not add clients as Read Only unless you want them to have access to all client/budget data in your Shape account .

External Contacts

External Contacts are specific to the Shape ADI product. These are people that you wish to grant access to your ADI BigQuery data warehouse, but who do not have access to the Shape platform. Please choose these External Contacts carefully as they will be able to make queries to your data warehouse and link your company's PPC data to reporting and business intelligence tools.