There are two types of Custom Values: Static and Dynamic.

Both types of Custom Values can be applied to either Clients or Budgets. Both types can also be set as numbers, text (alphanumeric), percentages, or monetary values.

However, the differences between the two are outlined below.

Static Custom Values

Static Custom Values are data points that are applied manually to a Client or Budget. They will not change unless a Shape member purposely alters the Custom Value via a Decision Grid or Settings form.

Check out "Creating a Custom Value" and "Adding Custom Values to Clients/Budgets" for more information on working with static Custom Values.

Dynamic Custom Values

Dynamic Custom Values are calculated data points. Shape team members create dynamic Custom Values using formulas. These formulas can utilize standard Shape metrics and/or other static/dynamic Custom Values that have been created. These numbers will adjust automatically as metrics/values change. 

Creating Dynamic Custom Values

1. Follow steps 1 through 5 of "Creating Custom Values."

2. On step 6, select the "Dynamic" Custom Value Type. 

3. A field will appear where you can enter the formula you'd like to use. 

4. After you enter your formula, click Create. 

5. Dynamic Custom Values will automatically calculate based on the metrics you utilize, so you do not need to enter any additional data. Simply enable on the Client or Budget Decision Grids you want to see those Custom Values on.

Creating Dynamic Formulas

Dynamic Custom Values can be created using standard arithmetic operators as well as Case statements. For more information on creating formulas and case statements, please view the article:  Creating Custom Values Using Formulas & Case Statements.