How do I set up SmartSync?

Simply turn on SmartSync in the "Automation" section of the Budget Settings page and add campaigns from the Accounts you want to be synced. You will see the Accounts being synced to the Budget in the sidebar.


Can I SmartSync multiple Accounts to a single Budget?

Absolutely! You can sync multiple advertising accounts across all data sources to a single budget. 

Let's say that you have a client with two separate Google accounts (one for Search and one for display), a Facebook account, and a Microsoft Advertising (fka Bing) account. You created a Shape budget called "Total Ad Spend" to track all the campaign spend and metrics across all four accounts combined.

If you enable SmartSync and add at least one campaign from each advertising platform using the "Budget Creation" or "Add & Remove Campaigns" forms, then any campaigns created moving forward in the 4 accounts will automatically be added to that budget.


Can I enable SmartSync on multiple Budgets under one Client?

Yes you can, but we highly recommend against this.

If SmartSync is enabled on multiple Budgets under a client, then any new campaigns created in the linked advertising accounts will be added to all of those budgets. Because different budgets typically have different spend caps or automation features, adding campaigns to multiple SmartSync budgets will lead to conflicting reporting and automated changes. 


Does SmartSync work with AutoPilot?

Yes. If your Budget is using AutoPilot, any new campaigns added to the Budget will be turned on AutoPilot. If you create a new campaign in a paused state, your campaign will be enabled and you will receive an email alerting you to this action.

WARNING: If multiple budges have SmartSync and AutoPilot enabled for the same campaigns, this can create conflicting status changes that may lead to over or underspending. 


How will I know if my new Campaign was actually added?

Our system will send an alert in the application anytime a new campaign was added successfully. If for any reason the campaign does not add successfully we will alert you to the failure as well in the notifications.