What is SmartSync? 

Once SmartSync is enabled, any new campaigns you add to an account will automatically be added to your Budget. SmartSync was designed for Clients where all campaigns are attributed to a single Budget. It doesn't work for Clients with more than one Budget per Client. 

For example, imagine a Client utilizes one Budget in Shape to track and manage all their Google, Facebook, Bing, and LinkedIn campaigns. The PPC Account Manager adds three new campaigns to each advertising platform. If enabled, SmartSync will automatically add those campaigns to the Budget.

SmartSync ensures that newly created campaigns are added to existing budgets and account for. It prevents any PPC spend from slipping through the cracks and creating overspend.  

Enabling SmartSync

Option 1: Creating a New Budget

1. To create a new Budget from scratch, follow the steps outlined in the Budget Designer. This will guide you through everything from naming your budget and setting your budget cap to enabling automation features such as RollOver.  

2. When you reach the Automation section, enable SmartSync by clicking "enabled" in the Smart Sync section. 

 3. Follow the remaining steps to complete the Budget creation. 

4. Any campaigns created in the accounts you associated with the Budget during the "Budget Creation" process will be automatically added to this Budget.


Option 2: Changing Budget Settings

1. Enable SmartSync in an existing Budget by selecting "Edit Budget."

2. Navigate to the "Automation" section on the left-hand navigation menu. Enable or disable SmartSync by selecting your preferred option from the drop-dpwn. Click "Save Changes." 



Option 3: Bulk Editing Automation Settings

1. Navigate to the decision grid on the Client View and select all the budgets you'd like to enable SmartSync for. Select the edit (pencil) icon.

2. Navigate to the "Automation" section on the left-hand navigation menu. Enable or disable SmartSync by choosing enabled or disabled under the SmartSync icon. This will apply SmartSync to all the Budgets you have selected.

3. Click "Save Changes." 

How Do I Know if SmartSync is Enabled?

Once enabled, you'll see SmartSync icon in multiple places that indicate that it is enabled. On your dashboard view next to your Budget, you'll see the SmartSync icon.

You'll also see the SmartSync icon/status displayed on Client Views within the decision grid. 

 Finally, you can see if a specific Budget has SmartSync enabled by looking at the top of the Budget View pages to the left of the "Budget" metric section.

Our SmartSync legend provides a helpful guide to inform you of your Budget-level status.

Interpreting RollOver Statuses


  SmartSync Enabled 

  SmartSync Disabled 


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