The App Gallery provides access to multiple apps that can be used by all Shape customers.

Shape created apps and the app gallery rather than adding features to our Dashboard to prevent our interface from getting too bloated/slow. 

Shape users can select the applications they want/need to use while ignoring those they don't.


How do I access the App Gallery?

The App Gallery can be accessed from two places.

On Shape's left-hand navigation menu, there is a link to "App Gallery" that is available at any time. Clicking into the "App Gallery" sends you to a page where you can select the Budget Pacer, Budget Booster, or Shape API apps.

You can also access the App Portals button that appears on the top navigation menu after clicking into a Client or Budget page.


Are you releasing more apps?

Yes. The Shape team has plans to release several additional apps over the upcoming months and years. We'll announce new apps via the "What's New" notifications available in Shape and you can always check the App Gallery.


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