Tags allow you to add layers of custom information about your Clients to Shape. Tags can help your team quickly answer questions like: 

  • Which team member is assigned to this Client?
  • What vertical is this Client in?
  • What is this Client’s management fee?

Tags are applied at the Client level. Once you’ve created a few tags and chosen which clients they apply to, you can filter the Shape dashboard to display only Clients with your preferred tags. 

Team Member Tags

Each team member will be assigned a single tag. This tag has a unique functionality that separates it from generic tags. Team Member Tags are:

  • Used to signal ownership of a Shape Client
  • Applied by default to Clients you create


Generic Tags

Generic tags are completely customizable. You and your team can create what makes the most sense for you.


Email Alert Tags 

A tag with email alerts enabled will send "Remaining Budget" and "AutoPilot" email alerts to you for Clients you've applied the tag on.

Both tag types can have this setting enabled (Team Member Tags have this enabled by default).

This setting is a team member-level setting, so turning it on and off for any tag will not affect other team members' alert settings in any way.


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