Can I edit RollOver?

Yes. The RollOver amount is always editable. To edit the RollOver amount, navigate to the "Budget" section of the Budget Settings page. If RollOver is enabled, "Budget RollOver" will appear as an editable field. Enter your updated RollOver amount.

Why isn't my RollOver amount correct?

  • Gathering data from the previous Budget cycle may take a few hours to a few days depending on the Data Source. As a result, we continuously check Google (inc. Youtube), Microsoft (fka Bing), Facebook (inc. Instagram), Twitter, DV360, and LinkedIn and update the RollOver values for up to a week.
  • You must set up a timezone for RollOver to work correctly. Navigate to the settings page found in the menu and choose the correct timezone. 

Is RollOver set when I create a Budget?

No. We don't calculate RollOver for newly created budgets. You have to manually enter the value ONLY when you first create the Budget. After that RollOver is automatically calculated.


Does RollOver work with AutoPilot?

Yes. If a Budget is using RollOver and the Budget's campaigns are using AutoPilot, AutoPilot will now change campaign status based on the total of Budget + RollOver.