Why am I receiving a "Recommend Adjusting CruiseControl Min/Max Daily Budgets" email? 

Shape members receive a "Recommend Adjusting CruiseControl Min/Max Daily Budgets" email when the CruiseControl daily budget minimums or maximums set on campaigns are causing a budget to spend too quickly or even overspend. 

When setting up CruiseControl, a user will select each campaign's default daily budget, minimum daily budget, and maximum daily budget. These settings (or thresholds) guide Shape to apply automated daily budget changes within tolerable ranges set for each campaign to help you achieve your target budget goal by the end of a budget cycle.

If users do not set up daily budget minimum, default, and maximum daily budgets, Shape will automatically set these amounts for you based on your campaign's current daily budget.

This error typically occurs when the daily budget minimum is significantly higher than the ideal daily spend needed to achieve your target budget by the end of the budget cycle. CruiseControl cannot lower the daily budget below your minimum so your campaigns spend more aggressively than you expect. 


You have a budget with 3 campaigns (all of which are on CruiseControl). Your target budget amount is $1000. Your initial daily budgets when these campaigns were onboarded were: 

  • Campaign 1: Daily Budget = $50
  • Campaign 2: Daily Budget = $10
  • Campaign 3: Daily Budget = $15

When your added CruiseControl to your campaigns, you did not set CruiseControl's daily budget minimum or maximum daily budgets. Shape will automatically set your CruiseControl minimum and maximum daily budgets to approximately 60% and 140% of your daily budgets. 

  • Campaign 1: Minimum Daily Budget = $30, Maximum Daily Budget = $70
  • Campaign 2: Minimum Daily Budget = $6, Maximum Daily Budget = $14
  • Campaign 3: Minimum Daily Budget = $9, Maximum Daily Budget = $21

With a target budget of $1000, your ideal daily spend for a 31-day month will be $32.25/day. However, the daily budget minimums for all three of your campaigns total $45 ($30+$6+$9). Shape will not be able to lower your daily budgets below $45/day and so your campaign will overspend unless you lower your CruiseControl Daily Budget minimums.

How do I fix this issue? 

The alert email you receive should list the affected Client/Account, Budget, and Campaign(s). It will also list your target budget amount, current spend, ideal daily spend, and current total CruiseControl min or max daily budgets.

Adjust CruiseControl daily budget minimums or maximums at the Campaign Level 
  1. Navigate to the Budget View for the affected Client and Budget.
  2. Scroll down to the Decision Grid. Make sure the Settings button (car/speedometer icon) for CruiseControl is clicked. 
  3. You should see CruiseControl Min, CruiseControl Default, and CruiseControl Max columns in the decision grid. 
  4. Hover over one of the CruiseControl budgets until a pencil icon appears. Click it.
  5. This will open up a form that allows you to edit the min, default, and max daily budgets.
  6. Enter a min, default, and max that you are comfortable with.
    • Note: If your campaigns are overspending because your CruiseControl min > ideal daily spend, set the total of all your campaigns' minimums below the ideal daily spend.
  7. Click enter after you've adjusted CruiseControl daily budget minimums, defaults, and maximums as needed. 
  8. Repeat for all affected campaigns.

Need additional assistance? 

If you need additional help with this error, simply respond to the alert email you received or contact support@shape.io.