Budget Management Platform

Every new company that signs up with Shape can set up one client for free on Shape's PPC Budget Management Platform. If you wish to add more than one client to Shape, your account must be upgraded to a Premium plan to continue service.

Upgrading Shape to Premium

  • Log in to the Shape platform and select the "Premium" link in the left-hand navigation. 
  • Read through the terms and reach out to support@shape.io with any questions.  Click "Next"

  • Choose your plan: Starter, Pro, or Enterprise 
    • Select the Starter plan if the total advertising spend you'll be managing in Shape will be under $100,000. 
    • Select the Pro plan if the total advertising spend you'll be managing in Shape is over $100,000. 
    • Select the Enterprise plan if will be managing over $2 million in spend
  • Select if you would like to pay:
    • Monthly
    • 6 months in advance (at 5% discount)
    • 12 months in advance (at 10% discount).
  • If you're implementing the Pro plan, you'll also need to select the approximate ad spend you'll be managing on the platform. 
    • Note: If you set a monthly spend below your actual spend, Shape will note the difference and notify you to update to the correct pricing plan. 
  • Once you've confirmed your pricing plan and discount, select "Continue."
  • Enter your company details and credit or debit card information in the "Payment Details screen."
    • Note: Shape utilizes Stripe payments and accepts credit and debit cards from all countries and 135+ currencies.

  • If you have a promotion code, enter the code in the "Promotion" section.
  •  Click "Review Purchase." You'll be directed to the confirmation page. Click "Confirm Purchase."

  • Once you've switched to a Premium plan, you will no longer see a link to Premium in the right-hand navigation. 
    • Note: If you are your team's Admin, underneath the "Admin" tab you'll see a link to "Billing" instead. View or update your payment information or change your plan from the Billing screen.

Advertising Data Infrastructure

Every new company that signs up with Shape can generate an ADI for free. Shape's ADI provides you with access to a managed data warehouse, historical and current cross-channel PPC data, and a PPC API. As part of the ADI, you also receive 8 free campaign-level views which you can use to access all your PPC data directly in Google BigQuery, or in other reporting and business intelligence tools. 

Upgrading Shape to a Premium API

If you would like access to additional, granular data views in Shape, you'll need to upgrade to a Starter or Enterprise ADI.

We do not currently support adjusting your pricing via the Billing tab in the platform. To learn more about ADI pricing including the differences between the Starter and Enterprise tiers, please contact us at support@shape.io

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