Enhancements are listed in reverse chronological order. 


Time Zone Bug

Release Date: March 26

End dates on client cards were displaying incorrectly for Shape customers in some timezones due to a date conversion error. This was only a display issue and did not affect budget cycle durations, calculations, pacing etc. This has since been resolved. 


AutoPilot Daily & Budget Pacer Integration

Release Date: March 25

Budget Pacer has been updated to generate more encompassing pacing recommendations for campaigns using AutoPilot Daily.

When Budget Pacer recommends daily budget changes for AP Daily campaigns, you will now see a recommendation that adjusts the campaign daily budget without changing the campaign status (even if paused). If Budget Pacer is suggesting to pause a campaign utilizing AP Daily, the campaign will pause if active, or leave the campaign as-is if it's paused. The campaign will be placed into standby until the start of the next budget cycle when it will become active on AutoPilot Daily once again.

Major Change Warnings

Release Date: March 7

A warning message will display when you input a number that is 10 times higher than the original amount. This applies to Campaign daily budgets, Ad Set daily budgets, and Keyword bids.

Ex: Your Campaign Daily Budget is $10. You want to change it to $20 but accidentally type $220. You will receive a warning asking you to confirm $220 is the correct amount.

Date Picker Improvements

Release Date: March 6

We've improved the date picker. Click the month/year at the top of the picker to quickly jump to another month or year. Also, if you select a start date that is later than the end date, the date picker will automatically update so that the end date = start date. 


Filtered Views on Contacts and Tags Pages

Release Date: March 6

Tags are used to filter the clients shown on the dashboard based on users or specific attributes. The Tags and Contacts pages have been updated to respect the filter as well, and will warn you that certain views may not be showing all available information.

Quick Edits - Status

Release Date: February 28

Quickly change the status of a campaign, ad group/ad set, ad, or keyword using "quick edits." Clicking the pencil icon on the "Status" column will cause a "Quick Edit" form to appear. You can now enter status changes here instead of being navigated to the "Edit Details" screen.

Inactive Budgets Hidden by Default

Release Date: February 25

Inactive budgets are now hidden by default in most places in Shape. They can be accessed by toggling the "Budget Status" filter in the Decision Grid or clicking to expand the "Inactive Budgets" section in Client Cards.

Decision Grid Item Counter

Release Date: February 22

There is now an item counter at the top right-hand side of each Decision Grid. The counter shows the amount of items currently displaying versus total items to help indicate if a view is actively being filtered.  


Better Data Source Management

Release Date: February 15

The Data Source page now includes the status of your linked data source. This indicates if the data source is passing data to Shape properly or if there are errors/issues. You can quickly re-sync the data source if needed. 

You can also now dismiss Urgent alerts warning you a data source is not working. NOTE: We highly recommend fixing the data source issue or removing the data source (if it's no longer in use) instead.

Campaign Selection Form Improvements

Release Date: February 5

We've made improvements to the form you see when you create a new budget or add/remove campaigns from an existing budget.

Instead of a lengthy list to scroll/filter through, campaigns are now loaded on demand once you select an account. 

A "last updated" date has been included to indicate if your data source or account has been recently refreshed and is pulling in the newest added accounts/campaigns.

If a data source or account has not been updated in more than 7 days, Shape will automatically refresh it for you. You may still force a refresh at any time by select "Get New Accounts" or "Get New Campaigns."

Client Tags on Budget Grid

Release Date: January 16th

You can now add the "Tags" column to a decision grid in order to display the Tags associated with each client and/or budget.

Speed & Performance Updates


Shape is making a number of changes to improve the performance and speed of the platform. Changes include an update to framework the platform runs on, improvements to the Decision grid scroll functionality, and other general speed improvements. Improvements are ongoing at this time.