In-Platform PPC Reports

Release Date: November 12, 2020

Shape has launched in-platform PPC reports that are now available via your dashboard. Share PPC insights and metrics with your team members, stakeholders, and/or clients in seconds with a few simple steps.

In-Platform Reports are launching with 7 brand new reports and there are plans to launch more in the the months ahead. The reports are currently segmented into three levels: company, client, and budget.

Some reports (ex: company-level) are intended to provide your company with insight into your agency's top-level, cross-client performance and are meant to be shared internally. Others, including the Client Level and Budget Level are designed to be shared with your clients to give them more real-time insight into their budget and campaign performance. 

Company Level

  • Live Company Dashboard
  • Company Performance Report
  • Company Historical Budget Report (fka Historical RollOver Report)

Client Level

  • Live Client Dashboard
  • Client Performance Report

Budget Level

  • Live Budget Dashboard
  • Budget Performance Report

Learn more about in-platform reports in our Help Center, including how to generate new in-platform PPC reports and how to share/access them with others.