New App: Untracked Campaigns

Release Date: June 30

What's New:

The Untracked Campaigns app alerts Shape teams that there are active campaigns in their advertising accounts that are not being tracked by a Budget in Shape. 

You can add untracked campaigns to an existing budget or create a new one right from the app. Shape will even notify you if it believes that the campaign belongs in a certain Budget. 

This app was designed to alert our customers when they may have missed adding a campaign to a Budget in order to prevent accidental overspending. 

Warning: The Untracked Campaigns app will replace "New Campaign Alerts." New Campaigns Alerts will be deprecated in August 2019.

Condensed Local Toolbar

Release Date: June 30

What's New:

We've condensed the top navigation on the Dashboard, Client View, Budget, View, and Budget Pacer Pages into a thinner menu. You'll have all the same options as before, including a few new options described below: 

App Gallery Notifications (New): You'll be alerted on recommendations from App Gallery apps requiring immediate attention. The notifications currently indicate the number of untracked campaigns you have. 

Budget Alerts on Toolbar (New): Budget alerts indicate when a certain percentage of your budget is remaining. Budget alerts can now be accessed only via the condensed toolbar.

Quick Links on Toolbar (New): From the toolbar, you can now quickly navigate to the App Gallery, Change History (clock icon), Budget Alerts, the Create Client form, and the Create Budget form. You can also switch views between Client Cards and the Decision Grid.


Client Cards on Client Views

Release Date: June 30

What's New:

Previously, only the main Shape Dashboard allowed you to switch views between Client Cards (spend progress bars) and the Decision Grid (a table of metrics). 

Now, this view is also available at the Client level. This means you can view spend progress bars (instead of only the Decision Grid) for a single client. 


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