New Budget Booster Metrics

Release Date: July 24

What's New:

Budget Booster is working harder to get you the data you need to make data-backed budget recommendations.

To help you better understand the impact of the changes Budget Booster is recommending, we’ve added additional metrics to the app. 

Budget Booster now includes the maximum impressions, clicks, and conversions Shape estimates your campaigns can achieve at their maximum spends. 

Check out the new Budget Booster!


New Decision Grid Metrics - ROAS & Conversion Value 

Release Date: July 31

What's New:

Additional conversion-related metrics have been added to decision grids at the client, budget, and campaign levels in Shape.

We've added ROAS and Conversion Value as available columns in the decision grid tabs noted above. To view these metrics at the client, budget, or campaign level, first, navigate to one of those three tabs on the decision grid. Once there, click on the gear icon and click on the columns you'd like to display on the decision grid.

Note: ROAS is not currently available at the ad group/ad set, ad, or keyword level.

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