CruiseControl Beta

Release Date: February 14, 2020

CruiseControl automatically adjusts campaign daily budgets to pace advertising spend toward a target budget.

CruiseControl calculates and applies campaign daily budget adjustments to achieve evenly paced spend throughout a Budget cycle. Each campaign's daily budget will be raised or lowered according to CruiseControl algorithms which analyze how closely campaigns are following the ideal spend pace. 

CruiseControl helps Digital Advertisers hit their target budget goals (without manual budget adjustments) even if campaigns are frequently under- or overspending. 

To learn more about how CruiseControl works including how to enable it, and to see commonly asked questions about CruiseControl, please check out our knowledge base.


Set Future Start Dates for New Budgets

Release Date: February 6, 2020

It's now possible to create Budgets with start dates in the future. This functionality has been built into the budget creation form and can be used for both one-time and repeating Budgets. To learn more about how to set future start dates, follow the directions in our "Creating Budgets with Future Start Dates" help article


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