Billing Page Improvements 

Release Date: December 9, 2021

The Shape team has made some major improvements to the Billing page. We've streamlined the process to set up a new subscription/add payment information to one continuous page. Once billing information is set up, Shape customers can view/edit all active payment methods that belong to their subscription, adjust their plans, and even add multi-month payment discounts. But best of all, Shape now makes invoices available to our customers on the platform! Note: Only Shape "Admins" can view/edit billing information so the "Billing" page may not be viewable to you. 

Navigation & Sidebar Improvements 

Release Date: December 16, 2021

While small, there are two notable visual changes to the Shape platform on the navigation and sidebar. 

First, the Tags sidebar has been changed visually to better show how/when tags are being applied. Right now if multiple Tags are applied, Shape will show for clients that have both "Tag 1" and "Tag 2" applied. This is better represented in the new update to the Tags sidebar.

Second, after implementing Data Source page improvements last month, the Shape team made "Data Source disconnection" alerts more prominent in the left-hand navigation menu. Now, when Shape loses access to a Data Source, a prominent red alert will display on the "Data Sources" tab. It's important for disconnected Data Sources to be relinked as quickly as possible. This is because Shape cannot update cost and performance metrics for campaigns associated with these disconnected data sources.

Note: Only Shape "Admins" and "Mangers" can view the "Data Sources" page/tab so it may not be viewable to you.