"Copy Budget" Launched - Makes Duplicating Existing Budgets Faster

Release Date: April 15, 2021

The Shape team released our newest feature, our "Copy Budget" tool to make duplicating existing Budgets faster. When you copy a Budget, Shape will automatically generate a new Budget with settings from the "old" Budget copied to the new."

This feature is especially useful for digital advertisers who create new PPC budgets in Shape each month (vs. using recurring Budgets and Budget scheduling).

To copy an existing Budget, simply open the Budget’s settings and click Copy to a New Budget from within the Edit Budget Details section. Client, Campaigns, Budget cycle, Budget amount, alerts, and Budget automation will be filled in for you. But, you’ll still need to configure Campaign automation settings and schedule future Budget amounts.


CruiseControl - Min, Default, and Max Daily Budgets Show by Default

Release Date: April 20, 2021

When Shape members implement CruiseControl, it's important for them to set min, default, and max Daily Budgets to keep spend fluctuations in line with their expectations. Depending on how the Budget is pacing toward its goal, Shape will set the campaigns' daily budgets as low as the min daily budget or as high as the max daily budget values.

To make min, default, and max budgets more prominent, any Budget with CruiseControl enabled will automatically have these three columns shown on the Decision Grid by default. 

"Target Amount" metric added to Campaign Decision Grid

Release Date: April 20, 2021

The "Target Amount" (aka target budget amount) is the total amount of spend that you wish a campaign or campaigns in a Budget to achieve during a budget cycle. Previously, this metric was available at the client level (indicating the combined total budget amounts for all Budgets a client has) and Budget level (indicating the total budget campaigns in a specific Budget were allowed to spend). 

The "Target Amount" has also been added to the campaign view/campaign-level Decision Grid. This is to provide additional clarity as to the total budget while the digital advertiser is optimizing campaigns on the campaign view page.