SmartSync: Campaigns Will Sync to Multiple Budgets

Release Date: April 22

What's Changing:

Launched Monday, April 22, SmartSync now has the ability to automatically sync new campaigns in an ad account to multiple budgets.

This will only occur when the same ad account is linked to two or more budgets with SmartSync enabled. Moving forward, all new campaigns added to that ad account will be added to all Shape Budgets.

This means that campaigns may be automatically tracked in multiple budgets against multiple budget caps.

Previously, if the same ad account was linked to multiple Budgets and SmartSync was enabled, Shape would not import new campaigns. This was to prevent double tracking the campaign. Customers would receive an alert notifying them and asking them to sync it manually. These alerts were frequently ignored.

What do I need to do? 

We recommend that SmartSync users audit their clients to see if they have ad accounts that are linked to two or more Budgets with SmartSync enabled. Shape's support team can assist with this if needed (please email

It's important to ensure that if you do have ad accounts that are linked to two or more Budgets with SmartSync enabled that you are aware that any new campaigns will automatically be added to those Budgets. 

AUTOPILOT + SMART SYNC WARNING: If multiple Budgets have SmartSync and AutoPilot enabled for the same ad accounts/campaigns, this can create conflicting status changes. If these Budgets have different Budget caps, this may lead to over or underspending.

We highly recommend against utilizing AutoPilot and SmartSync for multiple Budgets that are linked to the same ad account but have different Budget caps. Please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for further guidance.