Accessing Data in BigQuery

1. If you have not already, follow the directions found on "Activating Your Shape Data Warehouse"

2. Enable the views you wish to utilize. Shape offers 5 free campaign-level data views, along with an additional 35+ premium data views. 

3. After enabling your chosen data views, your data warehouse may take some time to aggregate your data. Once the Views have a green status in the "Required Tables" column, you can navigate to Google BigQuery to access your data. 

4. You can navigate to Google BigQuery in two ways. Simply click "Open in BigQuery" on the left-hand side navigation menu. Or, click a specific View name you wish to analyze. Then click "Open in BigQuery" from the drop-down.

Note: First confirm that you have been granted ADI access by your Shape Admin.

5. You'll be taken directly to your "Project" in BigQuery. You'll see your Shape-DataWarehouse-###. 

6. Clicking into the Data Warehouse, you'll be able to query against "All Data" and "Compiled Views." To learn the difference between "All Data" (tables) and "Compiled Views" (Views), please read more here.

7. From your Data Warehouse, you can Query individual tables and views using SQL, export data to reporting and analysis tools such as Google Data Studio, and more. 

8. Please reach out to if you are having difficulty accessing your data or need technical assistance building your desired tool/solution. If you are a Pro or Enterprise ADI customer, Support will assess your request and engage our Technical Support and Engineering resources if necessary.