PPC Budget Tracking Report


The PPC Budget Tracking report provides a client-facing version of the Shape dashboard. By sharing this report with clients, you can keep them updated on the progress of their campaign spends toward their budget caps.

This report uses Shape's Client and Budget structure meaning that you can report on each individual Budget's progression versus overall campaign spend. 

This report will default to showing all clients you have listed in Shape. To filter this report to show one client, see the "Filtering by Client" section below.


Creating a New PPC Budget Tracking Report

NOTE: If you have not used BigQuery or Data Studio before, you will need to grant access to these tools when creating your first report. 

1. If you have not already, add ad platform data sources to Shape and create clients and add budgets to track campaign spends. 

2. Activate your Data Warehouse and make sure your email has been granted permission to access it

3. Navigate to the Report Template tab on the Shape ADI section of the platform 

4. Choose PPC Budget Tracking - [Template]

5. You'll be asked to sign in with a Google login. If you do not have a google account, sign up for one for free or contact support@shape.io for further assistance. 

6. Select Preview Template. Grant Data Studio permissions as needed.

7. Make a copy of the report using the copy button in the upper right-hand corner.


8. When asked to select a New Data Source, click the "Select a datasource" field.

9. Click "Create New Data Source" link. **If you've already linked BigQuery to Data Studio, choose the "budget_campaigns" view from the drop-down and move to step 11.

10. Select "BigQuery." Grant BigQuery permissions as needed.

11. From the "My Projects" list, select "shape-warehouse-####"

12. Select the "compiled_views" dataset and the "budget_campaigns" table. 

13. Click "Connect" in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

14. On the following screen, click "Add to Report" in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen.

15. Ensure budget_campaigns is listed as the "New Data Source." Click "Copy Report."


Video Walkthrough - New PPC Budget Tracking Report

Please expand to full screen for the best viewing experience.


Filtering by Client

Because this report is designed to be a dashboard shared between you and a single client, it's likely that you do not want this report to show data for all of your clients at the same time. 

To filter this report to show Budget data for just one client, follow the steps below.

1. After you've made a copy of this report, click File-->Report Settings.

2. On the menu that appears, select "+ Add a Filter"

3. Name your filter as desired. We suggest using the client's name in the filter at a minimum to differentiate it.

4. Select:

  • Include/Exclude: "Include"
  • Select a Field: "name_client" 
  • Select a Condition: Select the appropriate condition (typically "Equal to (=)" or "Contains") 
  • Example: value:  Enter the client name

(*If you have many similar client names, you can also use "code_client" here. Code_client is unique to each Shape client you create. Contact Shape support - support@shape.io for assistance on identifying your code_client)

5. Save. Confirm data has been filtered properly.

6. Replace/remove branding as desired on the report, and click "+Share" -> "Invite People" to share with your clients.


Video Walkthrough - Filtering by Client Name

Please expand to full screen for the best viewing experience.



Please see the “Troubleshooting Shape Data Studio Templates” article for additional help.