Why can't I @mention one of my coworkers? 

If you can't @mention one of your coworkers, make sure that they are added to your Shape account as a team member via the Team Management screen. If you see their email listed on the Team Management screen, but your team member doesn't have a name listed under the Member column, ask them to edit their settings to include their name so you can tag them.


How will I know if a Budget has notes? 

If you have notes associated with a budget, the Shape Notes icon will have a number next to the icon indicating the number of notes submitted on that Budget. 

A note icon will also appear on the Budget Conditions graph indicating what date a note was left. Clicking on the icon will navigate you to that note.


My coworker and I are conversing back in forth via Notes in the same Budget but it's not updating. Why?

If you and a team member are working on a Shape budget simultaneously and leaving notes for each other, you'll need to refresh the screen to see new notes. At this time, the Notes column will not automatically refresh your screen when new notes are generated. 


Are Shape Notes the same as Google Ads Notes?

Google beat us to the punch in announcing their Notes tool, but no. Shape Notes are different than Google Ads Notes. You can make a note on any budget which means Shape Notes allow you to make comments on Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and LinkedIn Ads campaigns. You can also tag coworkers on comments and receive email alerts when a coworker @mentions you.


Can I make private Shape Notes that only I see?

Currently, all notes in Shape are public.


I have a great idea for Notes. Want to hear it? 

Of course! Please submit feedback and suggestions to support@shape.io.


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