What is a Monthly or Recurring Budget? 

Monthly or recurring budgets track PPC campaign spend against a Budget target for a set duration and repeats at regular intervals.

An example of a monthly budget might be a Law Firm that wants to spend $5000 on PPC search campaigns every month starting on the 1st of each month. (Note: Monthly budgets can be customized to start on the 1-28 of any month and will run for the appropriate days in a "month"). Every month, the target budget amount will reset to $5000 unless changed.

Likewise, an example of a recurring budget might be if that same Law Firm has $7500 to spend for social promotions every quarter. A Shape user could set up a recurring budget that tracks social spend for all of Q1 starting on January 1. Spend would be tracked for the entire budget duration of approximately 90 days. On April 1, the start of Q2, and every subsequent quarter, the recurring budget would refresh with a budget target amount of $7500. 

How do I Create a Monthly Budget?

1. Follow steps 1-4 of our guide on Creating a Budget.

2. On step 5, choose the monthly Budget Option:

  • Select the day you would like Shape to utilize as the first day of your Budget cycle. 
  • Shape will track campaign spend against your target Budget on monthly intervals from that date forward.
  • Enter your budget amount in the "Budget Amount" field.

3. Complete remaining steps 6-10 of the Creating a Budget help guide.

How do I Create a Recurring Budget?

1. Follow steps 1-4 of our guide on  Creating a Budget.

2. On step 5, choose a "Custom" budget and select a "Repeating" Budget type.  

  • Toggle "Starts in Future" to on if Budget will begin at a date in the future. Leave off if you want the Budget to begin tracking today.
  • Set "Current budget cycle" start date
  • Set the cycle length in months or days 

3. Complete remaining steps 6-10 of the Creating a Budget help guide.

How does Automation Work on a Monthly or Recurring Budget?

Full Functionality:

All of our automation features including AutoPilot, CruiseControl, SmartSync, RollOver, and the Budget Scheduler work on monthly and recurring budgets normally.

In the case of AutoPilot Daily and CruiseControl, Shape will utilize the budget cycle duration to calculate the ideal spend to help your Budgets archive their target Budget Amount.