What is a Microsoft Advertising (fka Bing Ads) Agency Account? 

A Microsoft Advertising (fka Bing Ads) Agency Account is an account that lets you easily manage multiple Microsoft Advertising ad accounts from a single location.

A Microsoft Advertising (fka Bing Ads) Account is helpful if you manage multiple advertising accounts for your company or for advertising clients.


What are the benefits of utilizing a Microsoft Advertising (fka Bing Ads) Agency Account? 

A Microsoft Advertising (fka Bing Ads) Account allows you to: 

  • Access and easily navigate across multiple Microsoft Advertising Ads accounts.
  • Login, view, and edit all your managed advertising accounts with a single login (instead of having to create a new email per account).
  • Compare performance across all accounts.
  • Run reports for multiple accounts at once.
  • Use consolidated billing to get one monthly invoice for all of your managed accounts.
  • Quickly create or link Microsoft Advertising Ads accounts from within your Ads Agency account.
For more information on setting up a Microsoft Advertising (fka Bing Ads) Account and linking to your clients, please click the links.


Do I have to link accounts in a Microsoft Advertising Agency Account? Can I link individual accounts?

You can connect either a Microsoft Advertising Agency Account or individual Microsoft Advertising accounts to Shape. Shape recommends that you use a single Agency Account because it requires linking and maintaining fewer data sources (than if you link each Microsoft Advertising account individually).

Linking an Agency Account will also ensure that when a new Client account is added to Microsoft Advertising it will be automatically synced and available to you in Shape. Comparatively, if you link each Microsoft Advertising account individually, you'll have to remember to add the new account as a Data Source in Shape before you can access it.


How do I link my Microsoft Advertising Agency Account or Microsoft Advertising Accounts to Shape? 

1. Log in to your Microsoft Advertising Agency Account or Microsoft Advertising Account.

2. Log in to Shape and navigate to the Data Sources screen.

3. Select "Sync New Data Source" at the top of the page.

4. Click the Microsoft Advertising icon on the following screen.

5. Accept the access requests that appear to integrate the Data Source.

6. Your Data Source is successfully linked when you see your email and the current date in the sync date column.

Note: If you receive a notification that your data source did not link properly, please reach out to our support team at support@shape.io.


I linked my Microsoft Advertising Account to Shape but I do not see a few of my accounts. Why?

  • I just linked my Microsoft Advertising Agency Account: Depending on the number of accounts housed in your Microsoft Advertising Agency Account, it may take several minutes to pull in all of the accounts and campaigns associated with your account. If you don't see all your accounts/campaigns at first, refresh Shape after a few minutes.
  • Your Microsoft Ads Login Email is a "Work" Email: Unfortunately, Microsoft Ads requires that customers using third-party software solutions such as Shape sync a "personal" email to Shape. To check if you're email is a personal or a work email, navigate to Tools->Account Access and see what type of account your email "signs in with." If your email is a work email, you need to have another team member (with a personal email) add their email as a data source or send a request to Microsoft Ads to have your email reverted to a personal email  (see: Revert your user type to a personal account section).
  • Other: Please reach out to support@shape.io if you're still not seeing all of your advertising accounts/clients pull through into Shape.


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