Regardless of the circumstances, inevitably there comes a time when you will need to eliminate some of your clients' Budgets. While deleting a Budget is useful to declutter your Dashboard, doing so makes accessing its historical data difficult. 

Rather than deleting a Budget or leaving it on your Dashboard indefinitely, a Budget (recurring or one-time) can now be deactivated and hidden under "Inactive Budgets." 

Deactivating a Budget is useful if you wish to access historical data for a specific Budget/campaign set but the campaigns are no longer active or you no longer wish to monitor their spend.

Deactivating a Budget places it into a suspended state and conceals the Budget in the "Inactive Budgets" section of your dashboard. Performance metrics will no longer update but the Budget and its historical metrics can be accessed at any time.


When you expand the Inactive Budgets drop down, you'll be able to view all inactive Budgets.

You can click into any of the inactive Budgets to see the performance and trending data so long as the Budget remains in your dashboard. 

Note: If you delete inactive/competed Budgets at any time, you will not be able to see performance data for that specific budget unless you rebuild the budget. 

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