Can I import Youtube ad campaigns in Shape? 

Yes you can! The creation and ongoing management of Youtube ad campaigns now occurs in either Google Ads or Display & Video 360 (DV360). The good news is, this means that you do not need to sync individual Youtube accounts in order to manage your client's Youtube spend! 

Simply link your Google Ads MCC or DV360 account as a data source in Shape. Active Youtube campaigns will import into Shape after which you can add those campaigns to Budgets. 

If you don't see your Youtube campaigns available to add to Budgets in Shape, please contact the Support team at

Can I make changes to Youtube ad campaigns from Shape?

You can make some changes to Youtube ad campaigns from Shape

Currently, the Youtube API allows ad platforms like ours to enable daily budget changes to Youtube campaigns . However, we cannot make changes to campaign statuses in Youtube.

This means that you can monitor your Youtube campaigns' spend and metrics in Shape, and change daily budgets. Shape's overspend protection feature, AutoPilot, does not work on Youtube campaigns but our daily pacing tool, CruiseControl, does.

Note: It's important to keep this in mind if you have Youtube campaigns in budgets with other types of campaigns where AutoPilot is enabled. Youtube campaigns will not pause automatically when the budget target is achieved in this case.


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