Note: To utilize the Google Sheet's Big Query Connector, you must be a GSuite Business, Enterprise, or Student member. This connector is not available to GSuite Basic users.

Importing Data from BigQuery to Google Sheets

1. Open a new Google sheet

2. Click "Data" Tab

3. Click Data Connectors (near bottom of menu) and Connect to BigQuery

4. Select "shape-warehouse-####"

5. Select from “all_data” or “compiled_views." The difference between views and tables in BigQuery and the ADI can be found here.

6. Select a specific table or view dependent on the data you need. Then click “Connect”

NOTE: Do not select "Write custom Query" in steps 5 or 6 unless you want to write queries to segment or refine the data before importing it into your Google Sheet.

7. Data will then populate in a Google Sheets tab.