Integrating with Google Data Studio

Once your Shape Data Warehouse is spun up, you'll be able to access Google BigQuery directly from the Shape platform. 

1. Navigate to the Advertising Data infrastructure page, then click the Warehouse tab.

2. Select the View Name from the table you'd like to import into Data Studio. A drop-down will appear. 

3. Select "Open in Data Studio". 


4. Data Studio Explorer will open with data from that individual table. If you haven't used Data Studio before, follow the steps to "Get Started" in Data Studio and authorize it to access your Google BigQuery data. 

5. Your data should now be available in Google Data Studio Explorer. Explorer allows you to edit, view, and visualize your data faster. You can change graph/chart styles, add fields, and much more.

6. To export your table, chart, or graph to a Data Studio report, click the "Save" button then "Share." Create a New Report or Copy to an Existing Report.

7. To learn more about what you can do with Google Data Studio Reports, check out our Google Data Studio Template help section.  


Connecting the ADI to Data Studio - Video

Please expand the video to full screen for an optimal viewing experience.