"Data Sources" enable Shape to pull advertising campaign data into the platform on an ongoing basis and to push changes to campaigns as directed. 

For more information about Data Sources including what a Data Source is or how to implement your first data source check out our Data Sources help section

Why Would I Need to Switch A Data Source?

To track campaign spend in Shape, you must first link Data Sources and then create Budgets to track campaigns associated with those Data Sources.

A data source typically is a user's or company's email which has admin access to an advertising platform they utilize to manage PPC campaigns in.

Eventually, a Data Source linked to Shape may become inaccessible or unusable. Two examples of this include:

  1. When a company moves from having individual employees' emails as data sources to one "company-level" data source. 
  2. When an employee leaves an organization. Their company email is removed from all ad platforms and access to Shape is terminated.

In this case, for Shape to continue to refresh campaign performance data and push changes, the Data Source will need to be switched.


How do I Switch a Data Source? 

1. First, make sure that the new Data Source campaigns will pull from is synced in Shape. 

2. Navigate to the Data Sources page. This is necessary to identify all campaigns in budgets that are linked to the old Data Source you wish to remove. 

3. Click the checkbox next to the name of the data source with the campaigns you wish to remove.

4. Click the pencil icon near the bottom of the screen

5. If you have any campaigns in an active budget linked to the Data Source, you will see a list of these campaigns. These are the campaigns that will need to be switched to pull from a different data source.

Click the checkbox next to their names and then select "Remove # Campaigns." 

6. If you no longer need to actively track any of the campaigns listed, bulk select all campaigns and click the "Remove # Campaigns" button. After removing all the campaigns, you'll have the option to fully delete the data source. 

7. Click "Save Settings."

8. If you do need to continue tracking the campaigns listed using a different data source, follow the next steps: 

  • If there are less than 10 campaigns listed to transfer, we recommend taking a screenshot of the Disconnect page for reference.
  • If there are more than 10 campaigns listed to transfer, please contact support@shape.io for a spreadsheet report.

9. Click into a Client and Budget listed on the report. On the Budget View, click the "Add & Remove Campaigns" button. 

10. Navigate to the "Campaigns in Budget" column on the "Add & Remove Campaigns" screen.

11. Click each campaign that needs to be transferred to "Remove" it from the Budget. 

12. Click "Submit Changes."

13. Click the "Add & Remove Campaigns" button again. 

14. On the left side of the screen, select the new Data Source and then the account you wish to add campaigns from. 

15. Add the campaigns back into the Budget and click "Submit Changes."

16. Repeat for all the Clients/Budgets/Campaigns associated with the "old" Data Source. 

17. Once all campaigns have been transferred, navigate back to the Data Sources page and click on "Disconnect Access" to delete the old data source.


Can Shape automatically switch a Data Source for me? 

There are some cases where Shape can complete a programmatic Data Source transfer for our customers. Each situation is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 

To determine if your company is eligible, please send support@shape.io an email indicating the following information. 

Issue: Data Source Transfer

Ad Platform: List the ad platform where the Data Source is synced.

Old Data Source:  Note the email or Data Source name (found on the Data Sources page) to be removed.

New Data Source: Note the email or Data Source name campaigns should be updated to pull data from. 


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