1. Navigate to the Email Slack App in Slack's app directory and select "Add to Slack."

2. Slack will create a new, unique email address to tie to your Slack channel. 

  • When this address receives an email, it will get posted to the Slack channel of your choosing.

3. Configure the Email slack app. Your newly created email will display in Email Address. Choose the Slack channel you'd like to send notifications to and set your other preferences. 

4. Save your integration.

5. Add this email as a Contact in Shape on every budget you wish to get Slack notifications for.

6. Navigate to the Budget(s) you selected, and click the "Edit Budget" button (pencil icon). Click the "Alerting" tab. Set percentage thresholds for the "Amount of Budget Remaining" if you have not already. Repeat for all desired Budgets.

When your Budgets' spends reach the alert thresholds you've set, Shape will email the Slack email you set as a contact. A notification will be sent to the Slack channel you configured.