After you have made a change to an ad account or campaign name in the ad platforms, you have two options to get the name to update in Shape. 
Option 1: Wait 24-48 Hours
The first option is simply to wait. It may take 24-48 hours for the Shape API to recognize the new name,  update it in Shape's database, and have the new name reflect correctly in the Shape platform. The benefit of this option is that it requires no work by the user. 
Option 1: Refresh the Ad Account Manually

The second option is to refresh your ad accounts manually to pull in the new account or campaign name immediately. The benefit of this option is you do not have to wait several days for names to update.


1. Navigate to the main dashboard, and click "Add Budget."

2. Select your client's name on the "Select a Client" screen. Click "Next".

3. On the "Add Campaigns screen", find the name of the account where you changed the account or campaign name

4. Click the cloud/downward arrow on the far right-hand side to refresh the account.

5. This should pull in/update the new campaign names automatically for you. Repeat as needed for additional accounts/campaigns.