How to Extend One-Time Budget End Dates

  • Select a one-time budget to edit
  • Click the "Edit Budget" icon (pencil) in the Tools bar in the upper-right hand corner of Shape.
  • On the "Edit Budget Details" page, click "End Date" 
  • Set "End Date" to any date in the future (beyond today).
  • Save

Can I update an End Date after I save a new one? 

You can update an end date even after a new one is set in the future. For example, let's say a budget originally had an end date of the 25th of the month. You then updated the end date to the 31st and saved, but later found out it should be set to the 27th. You can edit the budget forwards or backwards so long as the end date is greater than today.

Why can I only update one-time budgets?

Start and end dates on recurring budgets directly affect a number of products applied to a budget and metrics used to report on the budgets.

Changing the start or end date of an existing budget would require changes to automation features (such as AutoPilot and RollOver) and performance metrics (such as trend, spend remaining, percentage budget spent) due to changing the duration of a cycle length.

This is very problematic for budgets with recurring budget cycles and would affect historical reporting accuracy. Shape does not intend to release this feature in any future development cycles at this time.