When creating or utilizing a report, you may receive these common data studio errors. For explanations on common errors, and how to address them, please review the information below:

Configuration Incomplete/Invalid Dimension

Error Text: “Error Text: Configuration Incomplete: Invalid Dimension, Metric, or Filter Selected.”

Probable Reason: Typically you will receive this error if there is no data source associated with your chart/graph/table/data point or if one of your metrics/dimensions is invalid.


  • Click on the chart/graph/table/data point displaying the “configuration incomplete error”
  • On the edit menu (right-hand side), check to ensure that there is a Data Source listed on the “Data” tab.
    • If not, add one by clicking the field and selecting the appropriate Data Source
  • If this doesn’t resolve this issue, check to see if there is a red “invalid” metric or dimension on the “Data” tab.
    • If yes, click the red metric or dimension and select a new metric/dimension.


Server Encountered Internal Error

Error Text: “Authentication Error: The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request.”

Probable Reason: You may have lost view/edit permissions for the report you are currently working on, or another owner/editor has restricted sharing/downloading permissions.


  • If you are not the owner of the report, check with the owner to determine if permissions can be re-granted.