If a team member moves on to a different position in your company or a new job, you may find that you need to deactivate a user.

Deactivating a user will prevent the deactivated team member from logging in to your corporate Shape account. It will also allow you to remove the team member's tag from applicable Clients or delete it entirely. 

Deactivate a Team Member

  • Navigate to the Team Management page.
  • Click the pencil icon on the team member you wish to deactivate.
  • Select the Deactivate button. 
  • A checkmark will appear if you have successfully deactivated the team member.

Reactivating a Team Member

You cannot re-activate a team member from the Team Management page at this time.

To reactivate a team member, please email our support team support@shape.io. Include the display name and email of the user you wish to reactivate.

Remove Pending Team Member Invitations

You can delete pending team member invitations from Shape.

Navigate to a pending team member's name on the Team Management page.

Click the edit button (pencil icon) for a team member and click the "Remove" button. 

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