Managing Budget Access

1. To deactivate or delete a budget, first, navigate to the Budget Settings screen.

  • You can do so by:
    • Selecting the checkbox next to the budget name on the Client View page and then the edit button (pencil icon)
    • Selecting the pencil icon (top right-hand corner) on the Budget View.

2. Select "Status" from the left-hand navigation.

3. The "Status" screen provides you the option to "Deactivate This Budget" or "Delete This Budget" with a single click. 

4. Select "Save Changes."


  • Changing the accessibility of a Budget is permanent. Deactivating or deleting a Budget should only occur when you are certain that you won't need to reactivate the Budget in the future. 
  • Deactivating or deleting a Budget will not pause or delete campaigns in the Budget. Campaigns will continue to run and accumulate spend until they are paused or deleted in Shape or the advertising platforms.

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