Creating Custom Values

To add Custom Values to Clients of Budgets, you must first create the types/formats of Custom Values you want to add.

After you create a Custom Value you will need to enter data into static Custom Value fields. Information on applying Custom Values can be found here. 

NOTE: Dynamic Custom Values will be automatically calculated for you.

How to Create Custom Values

1. On the main dashboard, find the left-hand navigation bar and click "Custom Values."

2. Click "Create Custom Value."

3. Set a name for your Custom Value Properties.

4. Select whether the Custom Value is assigned to a Client or Budget.

5. Select how you would like your Custom Value data to be formatted.

  • Number (123): Displays numeric data
  • Text: Displays alphanumeric data including symbols
  • Percent (%): Displays numeric data in percent format
  • Money ($, £, ¥): Displays numeric data in a monetary format

6. Choose which type of Custom Value you want to use.

  • Static: data points that a Shape team member applies manually
  • Dynamic: calculated data points based on an equation a Shape member creates

7. Click "Create."