It's now possible to create Budgets with start dates in the future. This functionality has been built into the budget creation form and can be used for both one-time and repeating Budgets. To learn more about how to set future start dates, follow the directions below. 

Setting Up Future Start Dates

1. Complete steps 1 through 4 of "Creating a Budget"

2. On step 5, you'll select how you want to set up your Budget cycle. Click "Custom."

3. Select your budget type (repeating or one-time). 

4.  Move the "Starts in Future" toggle to on. You'll then be allowed to set a start date for your repeating or one-time budget at a future date.

5. Finish filling out the form to select the duration of your budget cycle and click Next. 

6. Finish completing steps 6 through 10 of "Creating a Budget." 

7. Your budget will now be set to start at a future date.

NOTE: Until your Budget launches, you will see a yellow (pending) icon next to your budget's name (on the main dashboard client cards), in the "Budget Status" column, and on each budget page in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Once the Budget has launched, the Budget Status icon will turn green.