You may have noticed that it is not currently possible to create a Budget in Shape with a future start date using the "monthly" or "custom" budget cycle settings. Budgets can be created with a start date of today (or a past date). 

While we do not currently have plans to release "future start date" functionality, it is possible to create monthly and/or repeating budgets utilizing a workaround for now. It is not possible to create a one-time budget with a future start date. 

Setting a Future Start Date

1. Complete steps 1 through 4 of "Creating a Budget"

2. On step 5, select either a monthly budget or repeating budget.

  • For a Monthly Budget, set the start date to the day of the month you wish your future Budget to start. This will be the day the Budget cycle restarts each month moving forward.


  • For a Repeating Budget, choose the duration of the Budget cycle. Then, set the cycle start date to the most recently passed date that would have been the start of the previous Budget Cycle had it been active. 
    • Example (with start date of August 1): 
      • Budget cycle duration = 14 days. 
      • The new budget cycle should start on 1st of current Month.
      • The "current budget cycle started on" = July 18
        • ***Shape will confirm the date of next cycle when you fill out the form, so make sure it's right!***

3. In the "Budget Amount" field, enter $1.

4. Finish completing steps 6 through 10 of "Creating a Budget." NOTE: If you are using AutoPilot, do not enable until after completing the rest of the steps below.

5. Immediately, navigate to the Budget view for the Budget you just created, and click the Budget Settings icon (pencil) in the toolbar.


6. On the "Budget Details" screen, select "Schedule Amounts" and a new "Forecasted Budget Amounts" form will appear.

7. Starting on your desired "start date," enter the amount the budget should be set to. Hit "Submit."

8. Back on the "Budget Details" screen, enter a budget amount of $0, and hit "Save Changes" in the left-hand navigation.

9. If you wish to enable AutoPilot or other automation, click back into the "Budget Settings." Navigate to the "Automation" tab, and follow the instructions on the page to enable automation.


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