When you launch the “Shape Connector Lite” you will be asked if you want to use the default template provided by the connector’s creator.

Shape created a report for our customers to quickly and easily implement that highlights key performance indicators such as click volume, click-through-rate, cost, conversions, conversion rate, and cost-per-conversion.

To utilize Shape's template report:

  • Select the client you’d like to report on and ensure “Use template by default” is checked. Select “Connect.”
  • A list of the metrics/segmentations available via the connector, their types (ex: currency, number, percentage), their aggregation methods, and their definitions will appear. 
  • Select “Create Report.”
  • You’ll receive a popup indicating “You are about to create a new report with this data source.” Select “Create Report” again.
  • Your report will begin to generate. It may take a few minutes to populate data in the report depending on the size of your account.

The report will default to showing the current month’s data. Find directions on how to edit the report to your needs in the helpful links section below.

Helpful Links