When you launch the “Shape Connector Lite” you will be asked if you want to use the default template provided by the connector’s creator.

If you wish to create a brand new report from scratch you can opt out of using Shape's template. To create a brand new report:

  • After authorizing the Shape Connector Lite, select the client you’d like to report on.
  • Ensure “Use template by default” is unchecked. Select “Connect.”
  • A list of the metrics/segmentations available via the connector, their types (ex: currency, number, percentage), their aggregation methods, and their definitions will appear. Select “Create Report.”
  • You’ll receive a popup indicating “You are about to create a new report with this data source.” Select “Create Report” again.
  • A blank data studio report will generate.

For a full overview of how to add new elements to the report, adjust the layout, and more, we highly recommend you read Google’s “Report Editor” overview.

We’ve also provided helpful links below on utilizing Shape’s Metric/Dimension groups, editing elements of your reports, and fixing common Data Studio errors.

Helpful Links